Rugged CAT smartphones

September 4, 2019
Rugged CAT smartphones

In response to increasing demand for rugged devices, Lenbrook has announced that the CAT phone range will be available in Canada. All CAT phones are designed to keep working in tough environments and offer exceptional performance when needed most.

“The CAT brand provides us with a rugged communications solution that we can offer to customers that are looking for longer battery life, thermal imaging technology or on-the-job tools such as laser measure, all built into a brand name that is world famous for durability and quality,” said Ted Wiles, vice-president and general manager of Lenbrook Canada Solutions.

The newest smartphone in the lineup, the CAT S61, has an even better thermal imaging camera, reading temperature up to 400 C and live streaming thermal video back to base. It boasts an indoor air quality monitor to alert workers to high levels of indoor air pollutants (VOCs) and it measures humidity levels. Plus, it is the world’s first smartphone with an integrated laser-assisted distance measure.

It also boasts world-leading IP68, Mil-Spec 810G rugged credentials: drop-proof up to 1.8 metres onto concrete; waterproof up to three metres for 60 minutes, including salt water; and resilient to vibration, sand, salt mist and dust. It also allows for wet-finger tracking and boasts glove-on working technology.

CAT phones are built for individuals who work in demanding environments across a range of industries where their mobile phone is routinely exposed to stressful conditions. This includes construction, agriculture, transportation, manufacturing, logistics and field services.

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