Predictive Solutions launches SmartWork

January 10, 2018
Predictive Solutions launches SmartWork

Predictive Solutions’ new SmartWork is a comprehensive self-serve suite of products that integrates with an organization’s existing workflows to improve the productivity, security, safety and health of the workplace. SmartWork builds on the strength of Predictive Solutions’ SafetyNet — which has over 310 million records from companies around the world — by adding new functionality across six modules.

“SmartWork is the logical next step in achieving our vision of eliminating death in the workplace by 2050. We’re very excited about these new capabilities that help users improve safety and productivity earlier, easier and everywhere,” said Kent Szalla, general manager of Predictive Solutions.

The Connect framework eases the data collection process by using predefined templates or designing custom templates, so safety managers can collect data exactly how they want. The Analyze module answers users’ business questions by bringing their data to life through advanced business intelligence and data visualization. The Process module is workflow and process management built by the user. The user can define every aspect of his workflow to keep the business running smoothly. The Predict framework helps safety managers prevent incidents before they occur. It uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to help users interpret the data and provide focus. Community allows users to share and leverage expertise. They can distribute questions and templates within the network of SmartWork users. Finally, the Connect module allows data to live virtually anywhere and be used within SmartWork, so users can integrate it into other business systems easily.




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