MSDS management

June 16, 2014
MSDS management
SiteHawk’s MSDS Mnagameent Services creates an MSDS database from existing MSDS management method or after conducting on-site inventory. It indexes MSDS data based on your requirements whether related to basic safety compliance or advanced regulatory compliance. The service allows users to fully sort, reconcile, de-duplicate, and acquire current material safety data sheets and any required updates.

SiteHawk provides management of facility-specific data like internal tracking numbers, material synonyms, document status, and area/location details. Material property data is entered based on the user’s specific use of the product, from PPE to hazard ratings and more. It manages additional documents, material common names, and area assignments and organization.

Many underestimate the value of the MSDS data originating from the material safety data sheet. Critical information such as ingredient information, physical hazards, health hazards, regulatory cross-references, and more can all give you and your employees a deeper and broader view of not just the immediate safety risks, but also long-term health and environmental impacts, says SiteHawk.

In addition to updating content, maintaining the best MSDS database requires a constant update, refresh, and clean-up cycle. SiteHawk’s maintenance program ensures that safety data sheets are updated and reconciled no longer than every 24 months, providing the most up-to-date catalog in the industry. Furthermore, with the impending Globally Harmonized System (GHS) rules expected to be applied in North America in the coming year, companies will see an influx of material safety data sheets that will require updates.

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