SafetyLine and GEOS Response

September 10, 2019
SafetyLine and GEOS Response

SafetyLine Lone Worker announces the launch of two new product features. First, the SafetyLine Lone Worker mobile app will support the capability to pair with a Bluetooth panic button. The device is a small, compact Bluetooth wearable that can be placed on a lanyard, clip-on, pendant/keychain or wristband. When connected and active, the device can be used to trigger a panic emergency discretely by pressing and holding the button without having to unlock a smartphone to access the SafetyLine Lone Worker mobile app. 

The app will send the trigger for alert and GPS location and then will prompt for an open channel to record an audio message. In all these cases, there will also be indicators within the app that the status is in a panic emergency.

In addition, Safetyline Lone Worker now has the capability to dispatch emergency service anywhere within 165 countries through a partnership with GEOS Response. If local emergency services are required, the GEOS International Emergency Response Coordination Center (IERCC) will dispatch local emergency responders. The IERCC is staffed 24/7.  

“SafetyLine provides best-in-class lone-worker monitoring services, and we are delighted that we can now offer GEOS global search and rescue co-ordination services for our customers. We can now escalate emergencies to local emergency services in over 165 countries around the globe,” said Gabriel Caldwell, CEO of SafetyLine Lone Worker.


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