Integrity Advocate

August 28, 2019
Integrity Advocate

Integrity Advocate, an online proctoring application and service, has recently made its technology available across all mobile devices and employed new artificial intelligence techniques.

As online learning is growing dramatically, organizations are also trying to keep pace with the mobile technology preferences of individuals. Learning management systems have been continually evolving to make training available on mobile phones and tablets, but identify confirmation of online learners has typically been restricted to laptops and/or desktop computers. Integrity Advocate has developed and has a patent pending on its ability to verify identity and participation of learners no matter the user’s preference of secure browser or device. As such, learners are now able to take training at times that are far more convenient and in locations such as waiting rooms, buses and airports.

When it comes to artificial intelligence, Integrity Advocate has employed new techniques further protect the privacy of learners. Online learners sometimes have concerns around the fact that ID verification technology is recording their participation and making that recording available to their employer. Integrity Advocate has addressed this concern by allowing the student’s camera to monitor their presence in the training and to also notify them if they are breaking any rules, so they can address them immediately — rather than sending the recording to the employer to report a violation.



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