CleanSpace Ultra

October 9, 2018
CleanSpace Ultra

CleanSpace Technology, a global manufacturer of powered air purifying respiratory protection, has launched the CleanSpace Ultra powered respirator with full face mask. Featuring no hoses, belt-mounted battery packs or cables, CleanSpace is the lightest, easiest and most comfortable unit to wear in industrial settings. The NIOSH-approved respirator offers the highest respiratory protection (assigned protection factor of 1000), has HEPA filters and a water-tolerant IP66 rating. 

CleanSpace Ultra offers full face mask protection for workers dealing with lead, silica, biohazards and other hazardous particulates. The mask has two sizes, a wide panoramic field of view, a speech diaphragm and an easy to remove/replace inner mask with accessories such as visor scratch protection “tear offs” and spectacle kits.

“Our goal is to improve respiratory safety by designing masks that are super light and more comfortable to wear while providing the highest standards for particulate protection,” said Alex Birrell, CEO of CleanSpace Technologies. “CleanSpace Ultra completely transforms how a full-face mask operates, looks, feels and protects against dusts, mists, fumes and radionuclides.”

The respirator is lightweight, compact and has an eight-hour run time.

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