HexShade UV by SnapBrim

August 21, 2019
HexShade UV by SnapBrim

HexArmor is pleased to announce the release of their latest innovative product, HexShade UV by Snap Brim.

HexShade UV is a revolutionary safety helmet accessory that offers wearers a firm, weather-resistant panel to extend shade up to three inches from the helmet’s brim. With various models available, HexShade UV easily and securely snaps onto both HexArmor safety helmets and most other safety helmets to help provide protection against the sun’s damaging UV rays, while also helping to increase productivity. Wearers will experience less sun glare; extra protection on the ears, neck, shoulders and upper face; and more cooling comfort during the hours of high sun exposure.

“We’re very excited to add head protection and accompanying accessories, like HexShade UV, into our safety lineup. Sun exposure can often be overlooked, but our hope with HexShade UV is that it will go a long way in preventing both painful sunburns and the potential for skin cancer by blocking extra sun rays,” says Steve VanErmen, president and CEO of HexArmor.

Its sturdy construction also allows for versatile use while working in other elements as well, sheltering workers from rain, dust, and snow. This lightweight, easy to don and doff accessory is complete with a removable neck shade to help ensure maximum protection.

“Our focus is to bring the best products to the market to protect people,” VanErmen continues. “Since day one our goal has been to provide innovative and quality products that bring workers back home to their families every day, unharmed.”


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