AboveView hard hat

April 3, 2018
AboveView hard hat


Bullard has introduced a new hard hat model designed with a see-through replaceable visor to help workers see potential hazards above them. It is the only hard hat that increases a worker’s upper peripheral view by more than 50 per cent, says the manufacturer.

“We designed the new AboveView hard hat based on feedback we received from our customers,” says Stacey Simmons, Bullard’s product manager for head and face protection. “The AboveView is an innovative design that lets workers see the hazards above them, and that’s critical to staying safe.”

The hard hat is available with three replaceable lenses with tint options. It also features a full 360-degree brim for additional protection from the elements. The AboveView meets ANSI/ISEA Classification: Z89.1, Type I, Class E and G requirements as well as CSA Z94.1-15.

AboveView comes with all the standard Bullard hard hat comfort features, including three-quarter inch seamless suspension, large absorbent cotton or easy-to-clean vinyl brow pad, Flex-Gear ratchet suspension and front, side and rear vertical height adjustment settings. AboveView sits below the nape of the user’s head, ensuring a secure fit and lessening the possibility of the hat falling off while working.


This product was originally featured in the February/March 2018 issue of COS.


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