Discover the latest head protection products.
  • Strapless head lamp

    Strapless head lamp

    In the world of headlamps, you’ll see plenty of heavy-duty straps that fasten a...
    Bullard bump cap

    Bullard bump cap

    Bullard has added a new bump cap to its line of head protection products...
  • Dry cooling helmet pad

    Dry cooling helmet pad

    MPS has introduced the new Kalis Dry Cooling Helmet Pad from Centurion Safety Products...
    AboveView hard hat

    AboveView hard hat

    Bullard has introduced a new hard hat model designed with a see-through replaceable...
  • MSA Super-V hard hats

    MSA Super-V hard hats

    MSA is excited to announce the new and improved Super-V Type II...
    Comfort zone

    Comfort zone

    Honeywell has launched the North Zone hard hat, featuring patented suspension...
  • Elevated temperature hard hat

    Elevated temperature hard hat

    The Elevated Temperature Hard Hat H-700T Series from 3M features a new design and materials that...
    Microfibre cooling

    Microfibre cooling

    Ergodyne announced the addition of four new products to the Chill-Its Microfiber Evaporative...

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