Dusk glove

August 16, 2018
Dusk glove

ArmorTek Safegard’s Dusk glove is extremely close fitting and lightweight. It has hexgrip profile enhancements on key fingertip and palm grip points as well as anti-abrasion zones on the rear of the glove. The glove offers optimal comfort and feel, offering versatile pinpoint precision handling.

The glove boast a hand-hugging superior fit that is highly dexterous for performance precision handling. It’s 0.5 millimetre ultra-thin design is also durable with high-dexterity synthetic palm and fingers.

The silicone reinforced stretch Lycra back allows for ease of movement and comfort.

Conductive fingertips allow workers to use touch screen devices.

The Dusk scored an Abrasion 3, Cut 1, Tear 2, Puncture 1 on the EN388 Standard.  


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