Boot Saver shoe covers

August 14, 2018
Boot Saver shoe covers

The Boot Saver shoe covers by Tingley are highly elastic and easily stretch over primary footwear to provide 100 per cent liquid proof protection. These ambidextrous shoe covers are ideal for food processing, home repair contractors, and other environments where contamination prevention is needed.

Four colours (black, red, yellow, and blue) to support FSMA, HACCP, GMP and other safety and contamination prevention procedures.

The Boot Saver is resistant to water-soluble compounds, low concentration acids and alkalis, alcohols, most natural fats and greases, dilute bleach, and mild to moderate strength detergents and cleaners.

The high quality, natural rubber latex stretches easily over boots while remaining resistant to snags, tears, and abrasion. The textured outsole provides grip on both wet and dry surfaces and the powder-free finish eliminates concerns about powder contamination on clothing, footwear, foods and food-contact surfaces.

The Boot Saver comes in four sizes (medium, large, XL, and 2XL) to fit footwear sized 7 to 15+.

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