Manufacturing ergonomics

March 27, 2017
ergonomic video

WorkSafe Saskatchewan, in partnership with the Safety Association of Saskatchewan Manufacturers and the Chiropractors’ Association of Saskatchewan, is striving to prevent ergonomic injuries in manufacturing. 

WorkSafe has produced 4 videos to address common injuries in manufacturing and to provide solutions. 

Watch the videos on WorkSafe’s YouTube page and share them at your safety meetings. 

Poor ergonomic practices cause 40 per cent of the time loss injuries in manufacturing, according to WorkSafe Saskatchewan. The average back injury from poor ergonomic practices costs $4,000. This does not include the uninsured costs such as lost time and lost productivity.

The average duration for a back injury claim is 20 days. The average cost of a shoulder injury due to poor ergonomic practices is $17,000, and the average duration is 66 days.

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