November 13, 2018

Ergomat has recently released OxyWrap, a unique wound dressing product that is ideal for bandaging workplace injuries.

The latex and adhesive-free wrap has cross-elastic properties that stick to itself, eliminating the need for additional clips, pins or tape and allowing for faster application. The bandage doesn’t stick to skin or hair, and it can be used together with ointments and soft creams. It’s not necessary to clean the skin for dirt or grease before applying (only the wound must be clean).

The flexibility of the material allows a user to maintain almost a complete range of motion when joints are wrapped, and the breathability of the material allows faster healing. It does not leave white or puckered skin under the bandage. The material is highly absorbent and wicks away blood and liquids from the wound. Applying several layers and tightening the bandage stops bleeding and closes the wound, producing less chance for infection.

OxyWrap works even in water or when sweating and it keeps its form. It will not slide or shrink like other bandages, said Ergomat. It can be placed directly on the wound with no need for additional dressings like cotton or gauze.

OxyWrap comes in two different formats. The first is the “soft” version that is ideal for smaller wounds with less blood and liquid, particularly the fingers, toes, wrists and joints. It comes in a blue colour which is great for the food processing industry because it’s easy to detect.

The “x-treme” version is ideal for emergency first aid for larger wounds and for pre-treating injuries that may require an emergency room visit.

According to Ergomat, OxyWrap is an indispensable product in every workplace clinic and field first aid kit.