Semi-vertical mouse

May 17, 2017
Goldtouch Semi-Vertical Mouse

The Goldtouch Semi-Vertical Mouse was created with an optimal slope of 66 degrees for the user who wants a mouse that is midway between a traditional ergonomic mouse and vertical mouse. Unlike vertical mice, the user has the power of gravity on their side when it comes to clicking, so they won't have to use as much movement between the thumb and fingers (which in turn can require more pinching of your muscles and nerves). Users with hands up to 7.5 inches can comfortably use this mouse. If the attachment flange accessory is added, users with hands up to 8 inches can comfortably use this mouse. The  detachable Ergo-grip flange keeps the palm off the surface of the desk. The anti-slip texture grip and rubberized coating provide maximum comfort. The mouse also comes with four detachable 5 gram block weights for customized weighting and the wireless USB 2.4 Ghz receiver allows for quick set up. The Goldtouch Semi-Vertical Mouse empowers users to enjoy maximum ergonomic comfort with precise accuracy.

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