Vertical Mast Beacon LED Tower

May 22, 2019
Vertical Mast Beacon LED Tower

Lind Equipment has announced the release of the Vertical Mast version of the Beacon LED Tower. This newly designed product increases the number of job sites that can use a Beacon LED Tower light and has an even smaller footprint than the existing lay-flat Beacon LED Tower. The Vertical Mast version of the Beacon LED Tower is perfectly suited for those job sites that require a vertical mast light tower, or for those that value lightning quick LED Tower deployment and mobility.

The new Vertical Mast version of the Beacon LED Tower has such a small footprint that two of them can fit perpendicularly in the back of a standard size pickup truck. With brand new rugged caster wheel steering, it can be maneuvered into any space by one person. The single winch design allows for a quick and simple set up and take down. A significant market demand for the Vertical Mast version that is more compact and even easier to deploy than the lay-flat model was the inspiration for this design, the manufacturer said. While the vertical mast sits higher than the original Beacon LED Tower, it can still fit through a man-door with ease. 

Both the lay-flat and the new Vertical Mast version of the Beacon LED Tower deliver all the light output, run-time and durability of traditional metal halide light towers, but with 80 per cent energy usage, multiple power source options and unparalleled versatility. Lind Equipment says. The Beacon LED Tower family is all these things, and still is less than half the cost of a traditional metal halide light tower.  

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