Heat Trace Showers

December 13, 2017
Heat Trace Showers

Bradley introduces its Heat Trace Showers with Halo Technology, which provide safe and fast eye wash and emergency shower relief in the most extreme, frigid environments. Engineered to provide dependable freeze protection down to -46 C, Bradley’s selection of freeze protected fixtures arm employees that need emergency shower relief in the toughest indoor or outdoor industrial applications, such as petrochemical facilities, offshore platforms, oil and gas refineries, power generation plants and mines. 

Bradley’s line of Heat Trace fixtures now includes the new S19-304 Series Heat Trace combination unit with integrated Halo eye or eye/face wash. These durable and customizable units are available with an optional signalling system, indictor light, extension cable, drench hose, stainless steel material and anti-scald valve to enhance this premium emergency fixture’s performance.

Heat Trace fixtures are equipped with a freeze protection valve to ensure continual flow of water in case of power failure in cold temperatures, while the fixture is insulated and covered by a high-visibility yellow ABS plastic shell. The S19-304 Series is also certified to ANSI/ISEA Z358.1 and cCSAus listed, and meets NEMA 4X standard.

“Below-freezing temperatures can cause pipes to break or burst, and cause systemic damage rendering the safety equipment unusable, so safety showers must be constructed to withstand these elements,” said Ryan Pfund, senior product manager, Bradley. “Bradley’s Heat Trace Showers ensure that water doesn’t freeze in fixtures – even in the most frigid temperatures – so employees always have quick access to tepid water for the fastest emergency relief.”

Bradley’s Heat Trace fixtures are equipped with the SpinTec shower head and Halo eye and eye/face wash – designed with the latest technology in fluid dynamics – and are proven to provide the greatest emergency relief available. The SpinTec shower head improves water distribution and provides the industry’s most effective washdown. Halo eye and eye/face wash provides 85 per cent facial coverage and 20 per cent better protection than other eye washes, says Bradley.


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