76 Series padlock

October 8, 2019
76 Series padlock

The ABUS 76 Series padlock offers 200,000 key differs and a distinctive eight-pin cylinder that can be added to any lockout/tagout (LOTO) program with ease and manageability. In addition, its robust lock body can endure harsh environments and is corrosion resistant. The 76 Series is available with a variety of shackle options and provides an improved key that is durable against breaking and torsion.

“The 76 Series padlock was made to provide the highest security and is a great addition to a comprehensive LOTO program that requires multiple users,” said Mathias Lunblad, director of business development at ABUS. “Its unique design will eliminate cross-keying and reduce risk for employees.”

ABUS is also expanding its product line with a variety of safety devices which include unique safety stations, electrical lockout solutions and hasps.

“We not only want to supply durable padlocks to our customers, we also want to provide an assortment of devices that complement them,” said George Eubanks, vice-president of sales and marketing.