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CP conductor dies on the job in Calgary

Teamsters to sit down with employer, Transport Canada to address issue
Teamsters union reminding everyone to stay vigilant at all times. REUTERS/Todd Korol

A train conductor employed by Canadian Pacific (CP) died as the result of a workplace incident on Monday afternoon.

"The company's deepest sympathies go out to the employee's family and friends," said Jeremy Berry, spokesperson for CP. "CP is offering counselling to the family and our employees through our employee and family assistance program."

The incident occurred on the CP rail tracks adjacent to 9th avenue in downtown Calgary.  A Transport Canada investigation is ongoing.

The worker's union, Teamsters Canada Rail Conference (TCRC), said it will co-operate fully with Transport Canada and monitor the investigation’s progress closely. Once the facts have been determined, the union will sit down with CP and Transport Canada to address the issue more broadly.

“While the loss of a fellow railroader is always tragic, it seems even more so at this time of year,” said Doug Finnson, president of the TCRC. “Over the holidays, I hope we will all keep a place in our hearts to remember our deceased co-worker. Once again, we remind everyone to stay vigilant and aware of their surroundings at all times while at work.”

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