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Township of Langley in B.C. fined $514K

Cited for lack of effective traffic control, appropriate supervision

WorkSafeBC inspected three work sites where crews for the Township of Langley in British Columbia were conducting roadwork. The township was fined a total of $514,991.

Traffic control services were provided by a contracting firm, and this employer took an active role in how traffic control was provided and managed at each workplace. The employer's site supervisors were responsible for ensuring appropriate traffic control was in place.

WorkSafeBC determined that the traffic control plans at each site were inadequate or were not being followed correctly. Single traffic control persons (TCPs) were working in zones where two TCPs were required, and TCPs were working in locations without adequate escape routes.

At one site, the designated traffic control supervisor was not adequately trained or certified in traffic control.

The employer failed to ensure that effective traffic control was used whenever traffic could be hazardous to workers, a high-risk and repeated violation. The employer also failed to have a designated traffic control supervisor ensure that the requirements of traffic control were met.

Source: WorkSafeBC

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